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Orlando - Disney Money Savings Tips & Secrets Revealed
(1.) The cheapest time of the year to visit Orlando is between September to December.  Excluding of course Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, this is probably the least busy time of the year. Most hotels, restaurants, malls/stores and others, including the big attractions get desperate for visitors during this period, so you may find some great specials.

However during October, Universal Orlando Resort runs their most popular event of the year, Halloween Horror Nights. It takes place each weekend in October, and attracts excessively large crowds. So you may not find many hotel deals during these weekends, but some fast food restaurants offer discount coupons to the event.

(2.) Don't purchase attraction tickets with your hotel package. The cost of the tickets are usually the same as you would pay at the gate, and sometimes an administrative fee is added, making your cost even more. Also, picking-up your actual tickets when you arrive may not be as convenient as you would think.

(3.) Lodge at a hotel that offers a free breakfast every morning. This can save your family hundreds during your vacation. Click here to find a hotel

(4.) Don't buy attraction tickets at the theme parks or their websites. Disney's tickets are full cost when you purchase at the parks, and they rarely run any significant specials at their website. Just about the same goes for Universal and Seaworld. We'll tell you how to get discount tickets.

(5.) Bring your ponchos or umbrellas with you. During the summer months, at some time every day we'll get heavy rain. If you buy ponchos or umbrellas at the attractions and some nearby stores, you may pay 3 or 4 times more than you would pay at a discount store. An umbrella could also provide you shade while in the Florida sun. Don't get rained on! Click here to check Wal-mart here and get them ahead of time.

(6.) Buy disposable cameras. You may not want to risk dropping or damaging or even loosing your expensive camera equipment, among the large crowds at the attractions. Everyday we see expensive cameras get tossed to the garbage because of damages. You can get very cheap disposable cameras on eBay or from Wal-mart.

(7.) Attend Resort/Timeshare promotions for the best discounts on park tickets and/or hotel stay. Orlando theme parks rarely run discount promotions. So resort promotions are the only possibility for significant savings on attraction tickets and hotel stays. You could save more than 50%. A timeshare promotion is basically a sales tour of a vacation resort. In Orlando, by law most tours requires no more than 90-minutes of your time. And there is no obligation to purchase a vacation plan. Look at these discount promotions and others by Fairfield Resorts

(8.) Search eBay to buy Disney World tickets at a discount. There are many reputable Disney ticket sellers on eBay. Click here to see tickets on eBay.

(9.) Buy your souvenirs outside of the parks. Disney souvenirs are overpriced in the parks. There are plenty of stores in Orlando that sell the same souvenirs as inside the parks, but at much cheaper prices. You may find them even cheaper on eBay. Click here to see souvenirs on eBay.

(10.) Don't buy your Disney classic movies at the parks. Again you will pay more than necessary if you do. The deals are much better at Disney Movie Club. You can also find great deals on eBay.

(11.) Buy comfortable clothing for both warm and cooler weather. While at the attractions you will want dress as comfortable as possible. Although this is Florida, during the winter sometimes it can get cool enough for a warm jacket, but sometimes its warm enough for shorts. This occasionally happens in the fall and spring also. So be prepared, so that you don't encounter extra clothing expenses.

(12.) Consider staying with Florida relatives or friends. If you have  relatives or friends living in Florida, whom you believe would be open to this idea, ask to stay with them during your vacation. This could provide a great savings over hotel lodging. Find out where they live in relation Disney World, but be mindful that the distance is financially worth the drive, especially considering gas prices these days. If you stay, be sure to offer to pay at least $10 a day to your host to help pay for their hospitality and extra electric and water expenses. Still a lot cheaper than your typical hotel stay. You could also save by preparing most of your meals there.

(13.) Prepare most of your own meals every day. One of your biggest expenses during your Orlando trip may be the cost of meals. Preparing your own meals could save you up to 40% of the cost of your vacation. Pack a cooler to keep in your car for the times you'll be at the parks. When you feel you need a meal, just return to your car for a brief time to eat. you can buy good coolers at cheaper prices on eBay or from  Wal-mart.

(14.) Eat outside of the parks whenever possible. Again, one of your biggest expenses during your Orlando trip may be the cost of meals. Once you are inside the parks, there are no discounts, no coupons, no breaks. Food and snacks (and just about everything else) inside the parks is very expensive. You could save up to 75% of these cost buy eating at less expensive places outside the parks.

(15.) Get your meal, snack or drink replaced for free at the parks. If you accidentally drop your drink or meal soon after buying it, don't buy another. Most visitors don't realize that you may be able to get it replaced just by asking.

(16.) Save on Disney World parking fees. Information to be added.

(17.) Get better discounts on rental cars by connecting directly with Orlando local rental agencies. Information to be added.

(18.) Stay at hotel that offers free transportation to the parks. Information to be added.

(19.) Rent a Resort Timeshare week. Don't rent directly through the resort. Many individual timeshare owners rent out there week(s) if they cannot make it during their allotted time. You may be able get the week(s) at a good discount. If you have a large family or group, this can be a great option, and a big savings. Click here to search Bid Shares, the #1 location where individuals list their Timeshare weeks for renting. You can also find good Timeshare Rentals on eBay.

(20.) Lodge at Hotels outside of Disney World Resort . Information to be added.

(21.) Choose local Orlando websites for the best discounts and info. Information to be added.

(22.) Where to get free souvenirs. Disney and other Theme Parks in Orlando often give outside attractions ticket sellers small but free souvenirs for use in attracting customers. Although the ticket sellers usually save the for customers that make purchases, if you ask them they will usually give you a souvenir. There are hundreds of ticket sellers throughout Orlando, so you could collect many things for free.

(23.) When prices are the highest. On weekends, holidays, and all of Summer time, the cost of hotels, rental cars and just about every tourist related product/service are a bit more expensive. Some coupons are even invalid during these times. To get the most for your money, try to avoid these high traffic times.

(24.) Big name travel websites are not the cheapest or best way to book Hotels and Attraction Tickets. At any given day, Orlando has over 300,000 visitors across it's Resorts, Theme Parks and other attractions. We therefore need to have our own Travel Professionals right here in Orlando. We know more Orlando details and savings tips than those big name websites. So make your bookings with local websites, we know even the smallest savings details. Click our partner website to get Orlando Theme Park Tickets at a slight discount. Click here to find a hotel.

(25.) Ask if relatives or friends work at Disney World. At Disney World there are over 50,000 employees. If you have relatives in the area, ask if they work at Disney. Even if they work part-time, they may be able to get a limited number of people into the park free. They may not be able to help you with discounts on the high priced food and other items inside the parks.

(26.) Get free meals for your family at Resorts. Information to be added.

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